Blocking Outbound Docker Traffic

Blocking outbound docker traffic using an IPTables firewall.

NTLM Relay Attacks

Performing NTLM relay attacks using SMB and LDAP.

64-Bit NX Bypass

Bypassing NX on 64-bit Linux.

Bypassing DEP & ASLR in Linux

Bypassing DEP & ASLR using pointer leakage and return orientated programming.

Format String Exploitation

A quick tutorial on exploiting format string vulnerabilities to read and write memory.

PowerShell Constrained Mode

A guide to enabling PowerShell constrained mode.

Kali Linux – Ensuring Traffic is Only Sent via OpenVPN

A guide on configuring Kali so all network traffic is routed over an OpenVPN connection.

Pentest One Liners

A list of one line commands for Windows to download and execute payloads.

Credential Interception Using Malicious SMB Shares

How to intercept NTLM-SSP hashed credentials for offline cracking.